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The ruling duo of Natasamrat

Veteran actor Nana Patekar, whose movie ‘Natasamrat’ was screened in the Indian Panorama section of 47th IFFI, at the press briefing on Friday at Old GMC Complex, Panaji stated that this movie brought theatre at home.

He also maintained a point that one should not compare the movie with the original play ‘Natasamrat’ which the movie is based on. When asked about his comparison with Shriram Lagoo who essayed the role in the play, he said it is the job of the audience to decide. However, he added that compared to Lagoo’s performance, he found himself inferior. He added: “Cinema magnifies things, whereas theatre has physical limitations of space. To perform in that space is a challenge which I think Lagoo and Datta did brilliantly.”

When asked about his preparation for any role he said that he is misunderstood as being talented, as he does lot of homework and research before approaching any role. Also he chooses films based on quality and does not believe in making many movies in a year.

Mahesh Manjrekar who has directed the movie stressing on portraying the plight of old people, said: “They can embarrass a family sometimes. Like the main character of this movie. But, this does not mean that we disown them. When we were young we also did many embarrassing things. But they had not disowned us. Also my job as a director is to show my protagonist as a human being.”

He also added that he didn’t want his film to look like a play, thus adding more characters, and while the play had seven or eight scenes, the movie has 70 scenes.

On a concluding note, Patekar mentioned and Manjrekar are doing a movie together called ‘Nation First’ which will have no songs and will be of a duration of just about 100 minutes.

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