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Tiatr Review – J P Pereira


Roseferns’ 82nd production, ‘Mog Assumdi’, tells the story of ungrateful and careless children, and they treat their parents when their parents need them the most.Julie and Julius are in an old age home. Theirs was a loving family with their daughter Liza and son Swindon. Liza was in love with Aldridge, a friend of the family and an engineer, who had a bright future. In this happy scene entered Wilbur, just returned from the States and with a lot to tell everyone. Liza and Swindon are bewitched and Wilbur offers to sponsor their entry into that country. Their parents are left to fend for themselves and Aldridge is left heartbroken.  But do the youngsters succeed? Watch what happens later in this tiatr that talks of shattered family values and ungratefulness.

Rosefrens’ scripts always have something that touches the heart. Great music and large doses of humour add to the entertainment. Roma and Roseferns are quite convincing as the elderly couple. The opening act is a treat. Antonette (Maina) is the selfish Liza and Creto does his two-faced role well. Tari is the deserted Aldridge and Rosario plays the part of the charming but crooked Wilbur. Anthony Caiado is the doctor. Richard with great support from the sober Agnelo and the loud and boisterous Dorothy provides plenty of humour.

Theo Alvares, Selwyn (trumpets), Ivo (drums), Flaxon (bass) and Arif (keyboard) provide enjoyable music, especially while backing songs.  The opening song is rendered in a different setting by Roma-Roseferns-Rosario-Antonette-Tari.  The songs have good lyrics and are nicely presented.  There are other songs by Roma, Antonette, Anthony, Rosario, Tari, Creto, Roseferns, Richard and new artistes.



Jr Reagan presents a tale of love and sacrifice with plenty of reference to the Mughal emperor who built one of the wonders of the world for his wife. ‘Taj Mahal’ recounts the tragic life of a young girl who is ill treated and forsaken for no fault of hers.

The play opens with a confrontation. Miranda is a garbage collector for the local authority. His wife is due to give birth to their child and he has to finish his work and be with her at the hospital. He had borrowed money from Tarzan, who appears at that moment and demands for it to be returned. Miranda pleads for some more time, but the lender is adamant. The money is paid back, but after an altercation, and Tarzan swears revenge.  Meanwhile, a daughter is born to Miranda, but he loses his wife. Shaila grows up to be a fine young lady. On the other hand, Neil and Zelia are children of a rich pompous lady, Mrs Marina. The evil Tarzan is her brother.  Neil falls in love with Shaila. His mother is strongly against this love. However, Tarzan convinces her to give in as he wants to take revenge on Miranda through the innocent Shaila. Watch the rest on stage to know more.

A love story full of tragic moments unfolds.  Even in this age one woman is victimised by another. A man, who proclaims his undying love, melts under his mother’s gaze without the slightest thought.  These are the problems the director has tried to present.

Chitra plays the domineering rich and pompous Mrs Marina to the hilt.  Crostina plays the part of a very vulnerable individual. Valency is the conniving Zelia (fine acting on her part!).  Cajiton acts well as Neil. Aliston is Zelia’s fiancée in the play and Justino is the evil Tarzan. Great performance comes from Rosario Botelho who plays Miranda, Reagan does his bit and Michael with Jr Bachchan provides humour.

The band has Vitorino (trumpet), Putush (trumpet), John (keyboard), Sheldon (drums) and Daniel (bass).  The opening song with a backdrop of the Taj Mahl is rendered well by Jr Reagan.  There are other songs by Chitra, Valencia, Saby, Jr Reagan, Michael and others. Solos by Cielo, Aliston and Cajiton and Cielo-Aliston-Cajion need special mention.

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