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Tiatr review J P Pereira

‘Mhozo Sangathi To’

Written by Jose Sequeira and directed by Patrick Dourado, ‘Mhozo Sangathi To’ is a melodrama of lost love and family values.

The story follows Corrina, a widow, and her two daughters, Queency and Flossy.  The girls study in college, have their own friends and swear undying love for their mother. Their maternal uncle keeps an eye on them. Queency is in love with Cliff, the son of a minister, who wants to have fun. Soon Queency gets pregnant.  Cliff wants her to abort the baby, Queency refuses, and all hell breaks loose. What follows is a saga of the family’s trials. This ‘tiatr’ has its own message about falling in love.

The play has its moments of glory, especially in its depiction of strong female characters. The mother and daughter are strong willed, but have to fight for their rights. Felcy heads the cast as the mother Corrina with good acting and just the right wardrobe.  Queency is played by Valency, who does full justice to her tragic role.  Dominic plays the uncle and adds his comic touch.  Tari is Cliff, the crooked lover and Mario (Vasco) does the loud politician very well.  Dominic, Brian and Sally provide the humour. Check the ‘supari’ act.  Very hilarious! All the musicians, led by Elffio and James, provide good music. The drummer is extremely good and the opening song has fine lyrics. There are some good songs by Felcy, Ave, Edel, Cajetan (Curtorim), Seby (Divar), Marcus Vaz, Mario (Vasco), Socorro de Santa Cruz and others.  The solo performances by Cajie (Cacora) and Socorro need special mention.

‘Sukhneanchem Ghor Ghontter Nhoi’

Mario Menezes begins the monsoon season with a bang with his tiatr, ‘Sukhneanchem Ghor Ghontter Nhoi’. The tiatr has its share of tragedy, humour, songs and music to make it a total entertainer. It is not to be missed.

The story revolves around Rio’s family, his wife Agnes and their two children Raiza and Roy.  Theirs is a happy family in which the father has worked hard to provide and the mother to care of the home. However, it doesn’t stay that way. Roy is qualified, but is unemployed.  So against his father’s wishes, he decides to go to London.  In this he is helped by his girlfriend, Sarah.  Raiza on the other hand falls in love with her boss, Paul, and when he is transferred, she follows him to Calcutta. The children leave home just as young birds leave the nest when they can take care of themselves. Watch the rest on stage in this tale of love and misunderstandings.

The script is the mainstay.  When the daughter-in-law accuses the mother of interfering, the reply she gets is: “It is not interference; it is concern for loved ones.”  Packed with one liners, the play is a treat to watch. The stage set with impressive lighting adds to the attraction.  Rosy Alvares and Mario Menezes play the elderly couple in style.  Jessica is the egoistic and ruthless Sarah, while Samenca is the loving and kind daughter Raiza.  Ulhas Tari depicts the helpless son well. Peter (Arambol) is confident as Paul and Filipe Almeida is the uncle, who lends a helping hand. There is plenty of comedy from Selvy, Janet, Brian and the always reliable Sally. Watch out for the act with Selvy and Jessica when Janet visits the family and when Selvy is offered a quarter bottle of whisky and asked to finish the entire bottle.

Dexter, Rohan, Macroy, James, Manuel and Mariano provide great music. Peter (Arambol) renders the opening song.  Between acts there are solos, duets and trios from Jessica, Rosy Alvares, Xavier Gomes, Lawry Travasso, Seby (Divar) and others.  A solo each by Marcus Vaz, Tommy (Jr Nelson), a trio from Seby-Peter-Tommy, another by Xavier-Lawry-Marcus and a quintet from Seby-Janet-Brian-Sally-Selvy need special mention. It is a drama not to be missed.


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