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Tujem Bhangar, Tujeach Angar – Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

‘Tujem Bhangar, Tujeach Angar’, the new tiatr from Mariano Fernandes entertains with a nice story, great songs, plenty of comedy and a band that packs a lot of punch.  From the opening song to the fine climax, the audience will remain engrossed!

The tiatr tells the story of Rebecca, a woman who thinks her caste is the most important thing in life.  Her submissive husband, Agostinho protests, but cowers down under the woman’s   dominance.  Her son Yohan is in love with Samisha, an orphan, but Rebecca will have none of it.  She wants her son to settle in Canada after marrying her friend’s daughter.  The son refuses to listen and is thrown out of the house.  When Rebecca’s daughter Cecille comes visiting with her husband, Rebecca transfers all their property in her name and leaves the son out.  But fate intervenes.  What happens later is to be watched in this impressive family drama, which deals with parental love, casteism and rights of aged parents, and ends with a very satisfying climax.

Mariano has left no stone unturned in this show.  The script is good, the action happens fast, and the direction is just right.  Add to this the comic acts that create plenty of laughter, the well performed songs, the projection and light effects, and the big band.  The cast too has been very well chosen.  Annie Quadros is boisterous as the high handed Rebecca while Maggie as Samisha has the sympathy of the audience.  Watch her, in the act where she comes to meet the boy’s parents.  Very emotional!   Cecille Rodrigues, the new entrant on the Konkani stage has the audience in raptures.  Her acting as the daughter is superb.  So also is the dancing and singing. Willie is fine as the adamant son while Cajetan de Sanvordem is cast well as Agostinho, the helpless husband, a man torn between the wife and the son.  Michael d’Silva returns to the Konkani stage in Goa after many years and impresses,  with  his nicely underplayed role of an inmate in the old age home.  Mariano plays Cecil’s husband.  He acts well and the dialect he uses is quite genuine.  In the comic acts, Anita plays the boss, with Dominic, Remmie and Luis B as her workers.  The three leave the audience rolling with laughter with good clean comedy.  Do check the interview, the funeral preparation and also the dance sequence by Cecille and Luis B.

Norman Cardozo leads the big band with some great music.  The opening song is rendered by the entire cast, introducing one another.  There are good songs from Kimberly, Elodie, Cecille, Michael, Cajetan, Maggie, Annie and Englebert. Trios from Cajetan-Michael-Dominic are timely and the solo from Scully d’Souza, rocks. What a voice!
Sheer entertainment!  Not to be missed!

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