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Voices of devotion

On the occasion of the annual Bhajani Saptah ‘Par’, the Goa Kshatra Maratha Tarukar Samaj organised its silver jubilee all-Goa bhajan singing contest at Shree Mahalaxmi Temple, Panaji.

A total of thirteen troupes including four ladies and nine gents from all over Goa participated in the programme. The programme also featured a maha dindi procession of Shree Mahalaxmi that witnessed the participation of devotees and members of the Mahalaxmi Committee.

Present at the function were Mayor of Panaji, Udai Madkaikar; Yogesh Dempo of the Shree Mahalaxmi Saunsthan along with members of the Goa Kshatra Maratha Tarukar Samaj and others.

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