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  • Indian Musicality

    Sudhirendar Sharma In popular Indian cinema, lyrics are to music what the heart is to the body; they help in creating a distinctive narrative, some conventions of which have been carried over from the early talkies era. Over the decades, songs have acquired a musical grammar of their own that …

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  • Patronage, philanthropy, and music

  • The Jaina Paradox

  • Weakening of federalism

  • Emulating the past

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  • The festival of flags

    The annual festival of Bonderam was celebrated by the St Mathias Sports Club together with the Department of Art and Culture and Goa Tourism at the Malar Square, Divar. The word ‘Bonderam’ comes from the Portuguese word ‘bandeira’ meaning flag. The history of the festival traces back to the Portuguese …

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  • Understanding Goa through history

  • Mahesh Kale to perform in Goa

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